IFEAT – The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades – is a trade association founded in 1977. It represents the interests of companies involved in the production, processing, trading and manufacturing of the many thousands of ingredients used in flavours, fragrances and aromatherapy. Recent decades have witnessed rapid growth in these sectors and worldwide every country and almost every individual uses some of these ingredients. These sectors have vast turnovers, employ millions of people, and involve enterprises ranging from small family operations through to large multinationals, involved in essential oil production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavour and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing.

IFEAT’s current membership is over 670 companies from 68 countries. It is managed by an Executive Committee, providing their services pro bono, and elected by Members. More information on the IFEAT Committees and Committee members please refer to: https://ifeat.org/project/our-committees/

IFEAT’s principal aim is to advance and protect the members’ interests in all parts of the world through various activities. These include international collaboration between members and other national and international organisations, funding research and education programmes, the encouragement of good practices, the dissemination of information and the provision of forums for discussion.

A major activity is IFEAT’s annual international conference, which has developed into the most important annual meeting of all stakeholders involved in the sectors, affording incomparable business and social contact opportunities. Other activities include:

  • Study tours undertaken in a different country each year
  • Support to flavour and fragrance courses provided at the University of Reading and ICATS and sponsorship of students attending ISEO and WOCMAP meetings
  • Support for research relevant activities, often involving collaborative projects with other organisations
  • Regular publications: annual conference proceedings, a quarterly magazine (IFEATWORLD), socio-economic reports on specific naturals, and study tour books
  • A conciliation service





Below is a list of those who have received the IFEAT Medal Lecture Award.

The aim of the Medal Lecture is to honour those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the F&F industry over their career.  It was suggested by Dr W. S. Brud and agreed unanimously at an Executive Committee meeting in Singapore in October 1983.  This distinguished service medal is usually given to someone who is based in the country where the IFEAT Conference is taking place.

Year / Medal Recipient*

1984 Dr. Brian Lawrence (United Kingdom)

1985 Prof. Dr. Ilia Ognyanov

1986 Mr. Richard Taylor

1987 Prof. Dr. Angeli di Giacomo

1988 Prof. Ding Desheng

1989 Prof. S.C. Bhattacharyya

1990 Mr. O. Zeki Konur

1991 Prof. Dr Midian Sirait

1992 Prof. G. Buchbauer

1993 Prof. Karim B. Yaacob

1994 Dr. G. Clair

1995 Prof. Dr. K. Husnu Can Baser

1996 Mr. Alexander Kern

1997 Dra. Maria Concepción García Vallejo

1998 Mr. Ron Neal

1999 Prof. Zhu Liang-Feng

2000 Mr. Robert Webb

2001 Mr. Jose Luis Cutrale (Brazil)

2002 Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud

2003 Mr. Geoff Davis

2004 Mr. Ramon Bordas II (Spain), posthumous award

2005 Dr. A G Matthew

2006 Prof. Earle H. Graven

2007 Prof. Jeno Bernath

2008 Dr. Guy Collin

2009 Mr. Yongchen Hu

2010 Dr. Jamal-Eddine Chahboun

2011 Mr. Francisco Fernandez Alvarez-Castellanos

2012 Mr. Chih Lung Shih

2013 Mr. Stephen Manheimer

2014 Prof. Luigi Mondello

2015 Dr. R.O.B. Wijesekera

2016 Mr Abdulla Ajmal

2017 No Medal Lecture given

2018 Professor Dr. Lauro E.S. Barata

2019 Mr Petrus Arifin

2022 Mr Kim Bleimann


IFEAT Cairo, Egypt

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils, Varna, Bulgaria

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils, Washington, USA

IFEAT Taormina, Sicily, Italy

IFEAT Beijing, China

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils New Delhi, India

IFEAT Antalya, Turkey

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils Jakarta, Indonesia

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils Vienna, Austria

IFEAT Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IFEAT Avignon, France

Int. Congress of Ess. Oils Istanbul, Turkey

IFEAT Tel Aviv, Israel

IFEAT Seville, Spain

IFEAT London, UK

IFEAT Hong Kong

IFEAT Florida, USA

IFEAT Buenos Aires, Argentina

IFEAT Warsaw, Poland

IFEAT Sydney, Australia

IFEAT Lisbon, Portugal

IFEAT Cochin, India

IFEAT Cape Town, South Africa

IFEAT Budapest, Hungary

IFEAT Montreal, Canada

IFEAT Shanghai, China

IFEAT Marrakech, Morocco

IFEAT Barcelona, Spain

IFEAT Singapore

IFEAT San Francisco, USA

IFEAT Rome, Italy

IFEAT Colombo, Sri Lanka


IFEAT Athens, Greece

IFEAT Cartagena, Colombia

IFEAT Bali, Indonesia

IFEAT Vancouver, Canada

*Unless stated otherwise, the recipient was from the country in which the conference was held.


The Founder’s Award – The Ronald Neal Award for Special Achievement and Service to the Flavour and Fragrance Industry – was introduced in 2006 at the Cape Town Conference Closing Banquet.

Year / Recipient

2006   Mr. Ronald Neal

2008   Dr. Brian Lawrence

2009   Mr. Thierry Duclos

2010   Dr. Clinton Green

2011   Mr. Stephen Manheimer

2013   Mr. Richard Pisano Sr.

2013   Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud

2014   Dr. Peter Greenhalgh

2015   Mr João Ernesto Dierberger

2016   Mr Sant K Sanganeria

2017   Mr Michael G Boudjouk

2018   Mr Erol Mesulam

2019   Mr Ramesh Vaze

History of the 40 years of IFEAT!


Read Peter Greenhalgh’s “History of IFEAT” series. The full version in a book was given as a gift at the Athens Fortieth Anniversary Conference 2017. Each of these articles has been included in past issues of IFEATWORLD.



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