CALL FOR PAPERS – submission period now ended.

The Annual IFEAT Conference will take place from 8th to 12th October 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

The theme for Berlin in 2023 is Trade. Tradition. Modern Spirit.

We want to discuss old trade channels in contrast with the new silk road, traditional products but with new applications. For example, historical rose oil but evaluated with modern analytical methods, and of course much more.

Of specific interest for are topics or new developments regarding:

  • Aromatic agricultural practice: developments and challenges, past, present, future; organic farming with a focus on organic production, pesticides and markets.
  • Essential oils: Developments, emerging markets, production and fields of application.
  • Legislative and regulatory developments, e.g., newest developments in the implementation of the EU Green Deal, Chemicals
  • Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) and Farm to Fork Strategy.
  • “Sustainability initiatives, best practises and lessons learnt”.
  • Aroma chemicals and developments/aspects of the German F&F industry, as well as natural chemicals in Europe.
  • Biotech developments and issues.
  • Aromatherapy and science.
  • Crop/market reports.

Presentation Proposal/Abstract

We invite you to submit an abstract of what you propose to present at the Berlin conference.

Presentation proposals accepted include scientific, technical, commercial, or economic papers, lectures, workshops, and panel discussions with experts. Presentations should be a maximum of 25 minutes (plus five minutes question time). You may submit more than one proposal but a maximum of three.

Examples of previous papers are available upon request, or for Members logged in, on the IFEAT website at:

Please outline how you will ensure that your presentation is engaging, informative, educational and relevant to the F&F industry audience. Please note, you may not advertise or promote your company/organisation’s products or services in your presentation.

Abstract Proposal Due – please send no later than Friday 10th March 2023. Now closed.

Please submit your abstract proposal, speaker biography and head and shoulders photograph to: Tina Hotchin, IFEAT Conference Programme Manager, by email to [email protected]

Your proposal will then be put forward for consideration by the Berlin Conference Committee. You will be informed of their decision by Friday 21st April 2023.