Communications Committee



To ensure both external and internal communication works well with members, Executive Committee, staff, contractors, delegates, partners and the public

To timely up-date all IFEAT Members with industry news in the newsletter on the IFEAT website, through social media channels and via direct mailshots

To update the website, post on social media and facilitate the event app

To consider, propose and agree approved barter agreements

To approve all promotional literature including Conference literature

To ensure brand guidelines are followed both internally and externally



To enjoy enhanced reputation by increased mentions in press, local conference site press, industry reports, articles and social media mentions

To encourage industry stakeholders to consider the IFEAT website and social media platforms as a resource to speak on trends, trade, socio-economics, technology and news

For Members to feel informed, have faith and trust in IFEAT’s reputation as evidenced by greater volume of IFEAT news (positive/favourable) in the public arena

For Conference delegates to feel informed of Conference details in a timely fashion

To increase the value of IFEAT’s brand recognition in order to enhance outbound marketing efforts

To disseminate to and educate Members on scientific and regulatory issues affecting the F&F industry

Ms Sofia Lluch

Ms Sofia Lluch

Chair of Communications Committee

Mr Zieger Lin

Mr Zieger Lin

Vice Chair of Communications Committee

Mr Raúl Amigo

Mr Raúl Amigo

Ex-Officio & IFEATWORLD Task Force Leader

Mr John Nechupadom

Mr John Nechupadom

Committee Member & Virtual Events Task Force Leader

Mr Susumu Tominaga

Mr Susumu Tominaga

Committee Member

History of the 40 years of IFEAT!


Read Peter Greenhalgh’s “History of IFEAT” series. The full version in a book was given as a gift at the Athens Fortieth Anniversary Conference 2017. Each of these articles has been included in past issues of IFEATWORLD.





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