Unfortunately IFEAT had no choice but to cancel the Study Tour of India for 2020. Registration for this event is closed. We will keep you updated as to the situation. 


Following the great success of the 2013 Study Tour to southern India, IFEAT is pleased to announce another Study Tour to India from 12th to 21st June 2020. IFEAT has worked closely with the Local Organising Committee, jointly chaired by Geemon Korah and Pradeep Kapoor, to organise this tour. On this occasion, delegates will be visiting western, central and northern India, which have diverse climatic zones facilitating the production of a wide range of F&F ingredients including several varieties of mint, agarwood (from which oudh is produced) and sandalwood. The tour will visit various Indian essential oil, oleoresin and spice producing, processing and exporting companies dealing in a range of flavour and fragrance ingredients. India has a history stretching back thousands of years and during their travels delegates will be able to see diverse environments, magnificent monuments, beautiful scenery and a rich heritage of traditional music, dance, crafts, costumes and cuisines.

History of the 40 years of IFEAT!


Read Peter Greenhalgh’s “History of IFEAT” series. The full version in a book was given as a gift at the Athens Fortieth Anniversary Conference 2017. Each of these articles has been included in past issues of IFEATWORLD.



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