For the first time in its history, IFEAT will hold its Conference in Germany. The dates are Sunday 8th to Thursday 12th October 2023.

Berlin has been chosen as the city to hold the Conference. Located in the heart of Europe with a population of almost four million people, it is by far the biggest city in Germany and is very cosmopolitan, with over 190 nationalities represented by almost 150 diplomatic missions. Pre-pandemic, Berlin had 12 million visitors creating 30 million overnight hotel stays every year.

The Conference will be held at the InterContinental Hotel which is centrally located next to the zoological gardens and within easy reach by all means of transport.

We have exclusive use of the hotel with more than 500 hotel bedrooms including 60 suites, Conference areas, several restaurants, and bars – offering everything you would expect from a top hotel in Europe.

The theme of the conference will be TRADE. TRADITION. MODERN SPIRIT.

We want to discuss old trade channels in contrast with the new silk road, traditional products but with new applications. For example historical rose oil but evaluated with modern analytical methods and of course much more.

We would like to invite speakers for the event and a Call for Papers will be sent out shortly.

More information is coming soon and registration will open in spring 2023 at

IFEAT would like to draw our Membership’s attention to the unfortunate timing of the 2023 Anuga Trade Fair which clashes with our own 2023 Berlin Conference.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to postpone the Berlin Conference planned for 2020 and had to reschedule it again in 2021. However, the chosen venue only had availability from 8th to 12th October 2023 and we had no choice but to take these dates, due to our financial commitment as otherwise we stood to lose the large deposits we had invested in securing the venue for the event.

For each Conference, IFEAT chooses the dates carefully and endeavours to schedule them so they do not coincide with religious holidays, larger industry events, and other important dates. Unfortunately, the dates we had to take for the 2023 Conference do coincide with the Anuga Trade Fair, therefore the situation is beyond our control, and we hope you will still be able to join us in Berlin.

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