There has been a great deal of work happening with our Advocacy efforts over the last few months. As we have looked at the breadth of certain aspects of the Green Deal legislation in Europe, we have needed to work with other stakeholders to ensure that essential oils and their derivatives are not inadvertently restricted in their farming, production, and trade both in the EU and elsewhere. To ensure the greatest success in these efforts, IFEAT engaged the help of a strong European based communications firm, their involvement has been critical in the legislative successes we have achieved to date. We invited EFEO (European Federation of Essential Oils) to join in our efforts – it has been great to have them on board as part of our team.

An exciting development!

It has been confirmed that European Member of Parliament Maria Spyraki will be with us for the Conference in Berlin!

She will speak at 10:45 am on Monday 9th October and will be part of the Regulatory Panel following that. MEP Spyraki has been at the forefront of the campaign to protect products that are critical to our industry.

The most recent news: last week the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee adopted favourable amendments with a big majority of 63 to 10, to the revisions for CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemical Substances and Mixtures). The next steps will be a plenary vote in Parliament and negotiations with legislators from EU member states.

Berlin Conference: we have a fantastic line up of speakers, panel discussions and workshops this year – please look closely at our agenda on the Whova app and on the Conference website and make your plans to attend as you can. To learn more about the important European developments with the Green Deal, attend our Monday sessions from 11 am to 12:30 pm. You will be updated by our speakers as they explain the developments in language everyone can understand!

We will continue to move forward in our Advocacy work, both in Europe and elsewhere as needed.

Each of you as part of the IFEAT family actually supports these efforts. You can feel proud to be part of truly protecting our industry in this way.

Catherine Crowley
Chair of the IFEAT Executive Committee